5 Easy Steps To Get UK Visa In USA- Green Card Holders & US Citizens

A lot of Americans are fascinated by the British Royal Family,  and as a result of that UK has become a hot spot tourist destination for American citizens.

If you are a US citizen or a green card holder,  and you want to travel to the UK for holidays or for business or for whatever reason, getting a UK visa in USA is relatively straightforward .

UK Visa  For US Citizens – Waiver

For the most part,  most American citizens will not need a visa to visit the UK as they enjoy a visa waiver.

If you are a  US citizen visiting as a tourist, you’ll be able to stay in the UK for up to 6 months without a visa, but when travelling, you must carry along the necessary supporting documents in order to show it to the UK border Agency should they require you to show these documents at your point of entry.

On the other hand if you plan to visit the UK to study a course that is longer than 6 months, the uk visa waiver will cover you as you’ll be required to apply for a study visa.

If you have been refused a UK visa before,  or if you have a criminal record, you will also be required to apply for a visa. In this case, we advise you to look for a good immigration lawyer locally and have them go through your records, and advise you which visa suits your circumstances,

Whether or not you require a visa will depend on your reason of visiting the UK.  Visit www.gov.uk to find out whether or not your particular Circumstance requires you to apply for UK visa.

UK visa from USA for green card holder

The bottom line is that getting a UK visa from USA for green card holder it’s not a one size fits all.  If you are not a US citizen, but a green card holder or an Indian passport holder in USA, or a legal resident of the United States, You will not have the special Visa waiver status that a United States citizen will have,  therefore you will need to apply for a UK visa.

Depending on your country of birth, the ease of getting a visa will differ from country to country, due to strict checks imposed for citizens of certain countries.

if you need to apply for UK tourist visa from USA, This article will explain the five easy steps that you need to get a UK visa in USA.

Steps To apply for uk visa from usa

In order to successfully apply for UK visa from USA, you need to follow the below 5 steps;

step one- check if you need a visa


  • visit www.gov.uk.
  • Choose your country
  • select your reason for travelling to the UK( this will confirm whether or not you need to apply for a visa)
  • if you need to apply for a visa proceed to step 2

Step 2 : Pay your fees

  • go to Visa application fees section, HERE
  • select the country
  • select the visa category  that you are applying for
  • select your visa type
  • Select whether you are applying for a short term visa of up to six months or a single entry or multiple entry visa or whether you would like to visit to last for up to 2 years.
  • This will display your visa fees in US dollars for example a short-term visa of up to 6 months will cost you about $132.

Step 3: Book an appointment for your biometrics


After you have made a visa application online and paid your fees, you will have to book an appointment for your biometrics  to be taken at US department of homeland security application support centre ASC, which is the biometric center for uk visa in usa.

when you go for your appointment,  this will allow them to take your  fingerprint, and photographic biometric information. You do not need to worry as this is a painless process which just requires your information to be captured in the database.

Note that even if you use the services of an immigration lawyer, you will still need to go for your biometrics yourself, as only you can give your fingerprint and photo. An immigration attorney cannot do this for you.

When you go for your appointment make sure you print and  take along your current passport a printout of the application form that you filled out and a copy of your online biometric confirmation receipt.


Note that you will not be allowed to use your mobile phone or any recording device or any camera within the premises of the ASC.


If you be travelling with a child that is up to 5 years the child’s photographs will be taken, but there will be no requirement to take his or her fingerprints.


Step 4 –  posting your UK visa application

After your biometrics have been taken a confirmation receipt will be stamped  and given to you during your appointment. afterwards you will only have five days to post your application form along with your passport and all the supporting documents  two UK visas and immigration (UKVI)

Step 5 – Crosscheck all documents

Before you send it, make sure you cross check all documents, especially your passport  to make sure that it is valid for at least 3 months, preferably 6 months to be on the safe side.  Also make sure that there is at least one free page where your visa will be stamped. If you post your application without meeting these passport requirements, your application will automatically be refused.


For your visa to be sent back to you,  you must provide a prepaid electronic shipping label that is fully addressed to you. Put the envelope inside your application before sending it out and make sure you keep a copy of the waybill for your records (Ground services and non-electronic videos will not be accepted)

Application for UK visa from USA is a pretty straight forward process, however, one of the perks of using an immigration lawyer is that you get to skip all of the above, they do all the work for you, so if you can afford it, do not hesitate to go for it.


where to send uk visa application in usa

You should post the application to the below address thus:

  1. Non-settlement applications-  4 people that do not intend to settle in the UK for example tourist.

UK Visas and Immigration

British Consulate General

845 Third Avenue

New York



  1. Settlement applications-  this is for people that intend to settle down in the UK

International Operations and Visas

6 Millsands

Vulcan House


S3 8NH

United Kingdom


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5 Easy Steps To Get UK Visa In USA- Green Card Holders & US Citizens
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