New UK Visa Fees -2018/2019 Recent Home Office Update

The UK Visa Fees has been updated by the Home Office; from 8th October 2018. Most of the prices have remained the same, the only impact  will be the  currency equivalent( e,g in rupees or USD dollars) you will have to pay in your home country using the exchange rate of your country.

The price of the UK visa is universal so it will not matter which country you are applying from, the price will still be the same in British Pounds £

If you are using the services of an immigration lawyer, the fees might already be included in the overall package. Confirm this with your attorney.

uk visa fee for 6 months

The current UK visa fee for 6 months is £93.  If you pay the UK tourist visa fee, then make sure you are actually going as a tourist or equivalent and that you do not intend to spend more than 6 Months

This visa is for short stay visits . There used to be separate visitor visas for different purposes but they have now all been bundled up under one umbrella known as UK standard visitor Visa. . This 6 months uk visa fee covers you to:

  • visit the UK as a tourist on holiday
  • visit family and friends
  • Carry out business activities
  • participate in sports activities
  • participate in creative events

You will need to show that you intend to leave after your visa expires and that you will not seek recourse public funds.

Note that the cost of uk tourist visa could be for single or multiple entry and short  or long term. The below table shows the different catergories and their costs

Fee Category New revised cost of UK visitor visa From 8TH October 2018
6 months Tourist/ uk visitors visa cost £93
2 year uk visa fee £350
5 Years Visit Visa £636
10 Years Visit Visa £798
Short Study Visa for 6 Months

Short Study Visa for 11 Months



Settlement / UK Spouse Visa Fees

If you have a partner, husband or wife living in the UK, you will be able to apply for the settlement visa. This type of visa is now the umbrella that covers:

  • UK spouse visa fees ( spouse of a British Citizen  or legal permanent resident)
  •  UK marriage visa
  • Fiance visa fees cost
  • uk partner visa cost (unmarried)
FEES CATEGORY New Fees From 8TH October 2018
Settlement £ 1,523
Settlement – other dependant relative £3250
Settlement – refugee dependant relative £388

UKTransit Visa Fees

If you have to stop over in any of the UK airports to change your flight before continuing to your final destination, then you will need to get a UK transit visa before hand.

FEES CATEGORY New UK Transit Visa Fees From 8TH october 2018
Transit visa – (direct airside transit) £35
Transit visit visa (landside transit) £64

UK Visa Application Fee Refund – Will I get a Refund of my fees If My Visa Is Refused.

If a decision has been reached and your visa application was rejected, then your visa fee will not be refunded. The general policy is that the visa fee is non refundable. However, an instance where your application has not been logged, you can make a request to actively withdraw your application before a case worker decides your case. In this case, your will be reimbursed your visa fee less any admin costs incured.

The UK border embassy is not responsible for refunding any fees you must have paid to an immigration lawyer to help with processing of your visa. Also the fact that you have used an immigration lawyer will not guarantee that you will be issued a visa.

Note that you can only request to withdraw your case  if you have not yet done your biometrics,

Will I pay a lower amount if I am renewing my UK visa

No the UK visa fees are pretty much standard and fixed depending on the type of visa you are applying for. There is no special amount for renewing your visa. So whether it is your first time of applying or it is your 5th visa extension, your will have to pay the UK embassy fees. The only difference is that occasionally, the fees get updated by UKVI so it will be your responsibility to stay abreast of the changes and ensure that you pay the correct fees for the type of visa you are applying for to prevent rejection.

Is there a different London Visa Fee?

Haha! Some people actually mistake this fact.

The answer is No.

It does not matter the name you call it: London Visa fee, England visa cost, British visa cost, British visa fees, England visit visa fee, tourist visa london cost. psssssssssssssstttttt……… they all mean the  same as United Kingdom visa fees as long as you are travelling to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The UK Visa price is fixed, the only thing you should be paying attention  to is the type of visa you are applying for as this will determine the amount you will need to pay.


UK visa from India, Nigeria Or Pakistan

Getting a UK visa from India,  Nigeria or Pakistan is not free. When applying for a visa, you are expected to pay  non refundable UK visa fees which is mandatory for all applicants. The amount you pay will depend on the type of visa you are applying for an the duration of your stay in the UK.

For Nigerian, Indian and Pakistani citizens, in order to find out your cost of uk tourist visa , or any type of UK visa we advise you to


  1. Go to the Gov.UK website
  2. Select you country Nigeria/India/Pakistan
  3. Select the via category you will be applying for
  4. Select the visa type
  5. Select the duration of the visa

This will give you the correct amount of fees as at the present date you will be applying. The amount will be in GBP. To get the USD, Rupees equivalent, you will need to convert using the relevant daily exchange rates

how much is UK visa fee in Nigeria, India and Pakistan


uk visa fees for nigerians

Here is a breakdown of the UK visa fees for Nigerians, Indians and Pakistanis ( Please note that these amounts are always changing so what you see now might not be what you see in 6 months time. We strongly advise you to use the below figures as a guide and follow the steps outlined above to get the true fees you should pay.)


  1. Short term of up to 6 months , single or multiple entry = £93
  2. Longer Term visa which is valid for up to 2 years     =£350
  3. Long Term visa valid for 5 years =£636
  4. Long term visa valid for 10 years = £798


  1. Short-term study (up to 6 months) = £97
  2. Short-term study – (11 months) =£186


how much is uk visa fee in naira or Rupees

The UK visa application fee is usually quoted in British pounds GBP £. To Know the current UK visa fee in Nigeria or India, Lets say you are applying for the standard visit visa on 17th august 2018 at a fee of £93, in order to get the naira or rupee equivalent that you need to pay, you have to ideally contact your bank to find out t what their GBP fx rate is for the 17th of august.

For those that do not have enough money in the bank account, to get the accurate uk visa exchange rate , you should also find out what the black market(Nigeria) rate is for the 17th of august  and make sure you have up to that amount in your account and to be on the safe side, an extra 20k. The bank will usually hold an extra amount for security until the transaction clears. This is why when you pay uk visa fee online in nigeria , after you pay your fees, you will see something like available balance N5,000 , and book balance N25,000 in your bank statement.

Regardless of when you are applying for your visa, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,current uk visa fees in nigeria still follows the above conversion and the appropriation method still suffices.

You will be able to use the above info if you are applying from any of the listed locations: India, Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa, USA, Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Australia, armenia, azerbaijan, phillippines,bahrain, belgium, bangladesh, belarus, barbdis, bangalore, brunei, canada, chennai, chandigarh, colombia, cairo, cameroon, chinam dubai, delhi, denmark, doha, dublin, dusselforf, ethiopia, egypt,malaysia, germany, hong kong, (HK) hungary,Ireland, italy, japan, jamaica, jakarta, kenya, kuwait, kazakhstan, karachi, kosovo, lebanon, lagis, laos, mumbai, munich, moscow, macedonia, malawi, uganda, oman, brazil, france, qatar, russia, serbia, sweden, senegal, sierra leone, saudi arabia, thailand, tunisia, toronto, UAE, vietnam, zambia, Zimbabwe

Check here for the full list of updated UK visa fees

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  1. I would have suggested that applicants who have been issued 5yrs visa need not submit supporting documents again for renewal. Especially those with evidence of landed property and investment in Nigeria.. My suggestion anyway.. Just like the US does.. Also those that have been visiting should not need letter of invitation from friends in UK anymore.

    1. Hi Igori,

      This will really depend on how old you are…..if you are in your teenage years there is change you will be able to go under his umbrella

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  3. Hello, I had a 5year visa which has now expired, while my children have 2years visa that expireday same time as mine.

    I want to apply for a 10year visa and will like to know if I can apply for 10years visa for my children as well

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  7. hi, how much visa and ihs fee does my 16yr old daughter pay to join me parmanently. I am settled in uk and hold a british passport. my wife joined me in may this year. thanks

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