How To Correct UK Visa Application Mistake By Email or Phone Call

Have you recently submitted your UK visa application form, only for you to now realize …Oh sh**** I have made a UK visa application mistake?


There are many common UK visa mistakes applicants make such as writing the wrong date of birth, incorrect name, a typing mistake in name, wrong address, incomplete documents, spelling mistakes, using the wrong UK visa form, etc.

Indeed the UKVI can be very strict when it comes to small silly mistakes and could reject your application as a result of it. The good news is that you have noticed your UK visa error and should immediately put into action ways to rectify it so that your visa will not be refused.

Once you have identified your mistake, there are basically 2 things you can do; contacting the UKVI to amend your application, or to cancel it all together.

This article will discuss  what to do if you have made a UK visa mistake in application.

UK Visa Correction Process via email and phone call

If you have already submitted your application, then there is still some way you can correct your UK visa application mistake by contacting to embassy.

UK visa application correction process will require you to either to speak to someone on phone or send an email.

so do the below:

  • Visit GOV.UK website and select where you are applying from whether from inside or outside of the UK
  • Choose your appropriate language as you will more or less speak to someone on the phone or via email.

This should provide your with the necessary contact details.


Note that the phone calls  +44 203 481 1736 cost £1.37 per minute, you will be able to speak to an English speaking  staff that you can explain your mistake to and he should be able to guide you on what to do from there. They are open 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

You must have your reference number at hand and all other necessary details you need to verify you and locate your case.


If you are contacting them via email, you will be asked to pay £5.48 or the equivalent in your currency for any email inquiry. For email inquiries, you should get a response withing 2 working days.

When sending an email, you should also follow the guide line on their website and provide your reference number and write a good letter to explain your situation and if possible attach all the correct supporting documentation to help them reach a favorable decision for your case.

Was the mistake on the online application form alone? Do you still need to go for an appointment?

If you made an obvious mistake on your application form only, and you still have to attend an appointment, you still stand a chance of rectifying the mistake by writing a good cover letter explaining the mistake you made on the online form.

If the mistake was merely a typo of your personal information, like writing the wrong date of birth, or misspelt name, then you should not worry too much as doing the above will be fine, because the embassy already has your passport biodata page where all your correct information has been provided and will more or less use the application form as a reference in your case folder.

You must have printed out the online form to submit with your application, now cross out the wrong information and amend it with correct  information.

Do not forget to speak to the case handler at your appointment, and let him know what your mistake is, then show them the letter you have written to that effect. They will know how to package an amendment in your favor.

Note:  if this is a joint application, all parties must sign the amended form and cover letter you are sending out.


UK visa mistake of incomplete documents

Remember that the UK embassy processes loads of applications every day and would prefer to handle a case and finish it at a go rather than spend time writing to an applicant to provide a document that was already requested for.

Do not give them a reason to reject you application!!

If you have made the mistake of missing out some important documentation, chances are that your home office case worker will contact you to provide the missing documents especially if you are applying from the UK or the US.

For those applying from outside the UK,  do not hold your breath that  you will be contacted to provide the necessary documents. Infact, You will most likely be rejected.

So, if you have missed out some document, be proactive with your UK visa correction process. Go to the website and follow the due process as explained above

What if you have already submitted your application

If you have already submitted your application through and through, then follow the steps above to contact the UKVI  via phone and email to try all you can to rectify the mistake.

If you have noticed your mistake before submitting your online application form

If you have not submitted your online application, then you need to  go back into the website and use your application number to try and amend it and if the option is there to start over, then do so.

What if the mistake is a serious one

Indeed most mistakes will be about your personal information. However there are certain yes or no questions that the UK government has designed in order to help them to determine if you will be a suitable candidate to be given a visa, such as  whether you have been previously rejected a visa, whether you have any past criminal offence, if you have an outstanding NHS debt,etc.

Such  a mistake can be very serious as it would look as if you are trying to withhold vital information about yourself.

In this case, it is advisable to seek help from an immigration lawyer to advise you the best way to go about things.


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