UK Visa Application In Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions: Answered



Are you in a paid employment

Do you own a business?

How much is your Monthly salary from employment?
How much do you have in your bank account as savings?
How much will this trip cost you to and fro UK?
How long are you staying during your trip?


I am not working but I have 2 million naira savings will I get a visa

Any amount you present in your bank statement must be verifiable. The UK embassy needs to know that the funds are not stolen or obtained fraudulently. It really does not matter if your have 20 billion in your account. You must be able to show proof of where you got the funds from. Did you sell a piece of land, do you own a business, do you have properties which you are renting out, etc etc. The bottom line is that the savings must have come from somewhere. You must show the embassy where it came from and the documentation must be genuine

My UK visa was refused and I will like to appeal. Do I need a lawyer to appeal

Unfortunately a lot of visa applicants have their visa refused severally even though they have packaged it correctly with all the supporting documents. If you are planning to appeal your visa refusal, you so not necessarily need a lawyer. Using a lawyer can be very expensive with some charging as much as £2000, that is an equivalent of N1 Million today. Using a lawyer could be money down the drain as the lawyer will not be doing anything special to help the decision of your application.

All you really need to do is to gather your documents as best you can, and then write an appeal statement. Using the refusal letter you got and the reasons of refusal the embassy quoted, you statement should pick the points one after the other and fully explain why you think the embassy got it wrong, and if possible, refer them to a backup documentation. Try not to make it too cumbersome though.