Tuberculosis Test for Nigerians Applying For a UK Visa.

Any individual travelling to UK for over 6 months is required to show the TB test during the application process in the immigration offices at Lagos and Abuja. A chest X-ray is conducted to test TB and if the X-ray is not clear a sputum test is conducted. If the results confirm you are not sick tuberculosis the certificate is given and is valid for 6 months from the date of the TB test. The health centers in Lagos and Abuja serve both Nigerian and Benin citizens. This is because there are no approved clinics by UK immigration department in Benin to conduct the TB test.

tuberculosis test for Nigerian uk visa

Who does not need the TB test.

All diplomatic passport holders travelling on official business or on a posting to the UK do not need the TB test results. Those who qualify for exempt visa and those applying for a certificate of entitlement and returning residents do not this test results.

Testing children.

Children over 11 years must take the TB test. Children under 11 years must be brought to the approved health centers by their parents or guardians who fill the child’s questionnaire. Based on the answer you give the clinician she decides whether tuberculosis test should be taken for the child. A certificate showing your child was not tested is given in such a case which costs $52 and it must be submitted during your child’s UK visa application.

Pregnant women.

If you are pregnant you can chose between many options. These include an X-ray with an extra shield to protect you and your unborn child in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters or a sputum test which includes an extra fee and also waiting results for almost 8 weeks. You can also wait until delivery the take the test. If you don’t want the test you can use an X-ray taken within last 3 months at a UK-approved screening clinic either in Abuja or Lagos. The clinicians in these approved health centers reviews the X-ray and if they accept it they give you a certificate.

Attending the clinic.

Before going for the screening either in Lagos or Abuja you should book for an appointment stating clearly your issues is a TB test for UK visa application. The appointment depends on the season which can be a few days during the low season or 10 days at the UK student visa peak season around June to September. As you book for the appointment and you need a female clinician you should tell them. In any case you need to cancel your appointment you just contact the clinic and refer to their cancelation policy and procedure.

Required identification and registration documents.

At the health center in Lagos and Abuja you will be required to provide the following documents:

  1. Valid International passport.

  2. UNHCR registration document/ Alien card.

  3. Proof of payment (statement).

Approved Tuberculosis test clinics in Nigeria.

To book for your tuberculosis test the following health centers have been chosen to contact this process. These IOM and MHAC clinics in Lagos and Abuja have been accepted by the home office and thus certificates of other clinics are nullified.


Migration Health Center (MHAC)

International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

No 5D, Reverend Ogunbiyi Street, off Oba Akinjobi Way.

G.R.A Ikeja, Lagos.

Tel: +234(0) 807 219 1112/ 0802 226 4059/ 0909215 6079.


Working Hours for Lagos Office.

Monday to Thursday: 07:30am to 04:30pm

Friday: 07:30am to 11:00am

Registration and Medical Screening.

Monday to Thursday: 07:30am to 04:30pm.

Friday: 07:30am to 09:00am

Collection of Certificate.

Monday to Thursday: 11:00am to 2:00pm.


Migration health assessment center (MHAC).

International organization for migration (IOM).

No 4, Buchannan Close, off Buchannan Crescent, off Amino Kano Crescent Wuse 11, Abuja.

Tel: +234(0) 807 219 1122/ +234 (0) 80 9563 7898/ +234 (0) 80 8522 1427.


Working Hours for Abuja Clinic.

Monday to Thursday: 08:00am to 05:30pm.

Friday: 08:00am to 12:00noon.

Registration and Medical Screening.

Monday to Thursday: 08:30 to 12:30pm.

Friday: 08:30am to 10:00am.

Collection of Certificate.

Monday to Thursday: 10:00am to 03:00pm.

Modes of payments for TB test in Nigeria.

Modes of payments is by bank transfer and bank deposit in any branch of Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria. When reporting for the TB test proof of payment is mandatory this could include a bank statement. The prevailing IOM exchange rate applies and thus you should call to know the exchange rate.

For those using bank transfer enough time of 3-4 days should be allowed for the payment to go through before the appointment date and also you should provide bank statement. Certificates are issued only when the payment reflects in the IOM account not when you send the payment.

The all-inclusive non-refundable fee when paid in Naira for each individual visa applicant is $130.00 for 11 years and above while children under 11 years is $52.00.

Payment account:

Before reporting for medical screening payment should be done at the bank account stated below.

Name of bank account: Standard Chartered Bank.

Account name: International Organisation for Migration.

Sort code: 068080017

Procedure of the whole medical assessment.

  • For questions about the screening procedure you should call the telephone numbers given above of the health centers or email them and the correct information will be given to you.

  • Using the given bank accounts you should pay the examination fee.

  • After the payment has reflected in the IOM account you should visit the health centers at the times shown above. Never forget the valid international passport UNHCR registration document and the bank statement.

  • After registration you are taken to the IOM partner clinic fir chest X-ray for those with 11 years and above of age. For those below 11 years a questionnaire will be completed and chest X-ray is performed on them only when there are indications of TB during screening.

  • A consent from is signed before medical screening for each person and parent or guardians sign for the under 18s.

  • Additional tuberculosis tests like sputum’s smear and culture are requested in case of abnormal chest X-ray findings suggesting active or inactive tuberculosis infection which takes almost 8 weeks to obtain negative results.

  • Any individual diagnosed with TB is referred for treatment which takes a minimum of six months. However TB treatment is free under the National Tuberculosis Control Program.

  • Medical certificate is the issued as per the time stated above.

  • Female applicants of child bearing age may be required to undergo pregnancy test if not sure of their pregnancy status.

The length of the test and getting results.

It take a day to get the results since the process involves administration, taking X-rat, analysis of the test results and then you can receive your TB certificate. In case of abnormal chest X-ray a sputum test is done and it takes up to 2 months to get the results but with no additional charges. If you are diagnosed with TB you are not issued with the certificate but referred for treatment which takes at minimum 6 months after which, if there no signs of tuberculosis you can be issued the certificate.

Test Certificate and Validity.

After application your test certificate will be returned to you together with the other original documents you gave out. When you get your visa your TB test certificate or its photocopy should be shown during your journey to UK to the Immigration officer on arrival. This TB results are valid for 6 months only and when you shared a closed environment or household for a long time with a person with tuberculosis you may get a certificate valid for 3 months.

TB test certificate used for visa applications for the other countries like US visa cannot be used as UK visa requirements. This implies that screening should be done specifically for a UK visa and immigration visa requirements.

Your visa application.

The test certificate is submitted during application with other required supporting documents for visa application. This certificate is used at the application centers where the other documents are also given for verification before any decision is made.

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