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letter of invitation for visa sample

For a lot of visa applicants, it is important to provide a letter of invitation for their UK visa. This can be provided by your relative who  HAS TO BE LEGALLY resident in the UK. If you have someone who is a British citizen, or has their indefinite leave to remain in the UK, then this will be even better.
I have provided a letter of invitation for visa sample that you can use and amend to suit your situation. Please note that this is not a perfect template and should only be used as a guide…feel free to add or remove any part depending on the type of visa that you are applying for.
The below letter is one that I sent to a cousin of mine who is a student in Ukraine.


15 Nov 2017  (date)
To Whom It May Concern
British Embassy (use the address of the UK embassy in the country you are applying)
Dear Sir/ Madam
I am writing to confirm that I Carmen Blandish , am inviting Oluwabisi Oke to visit me in the UK during the Christmas Holidays.
I am a Permanent resident of the UK. I currently work as a (enter your place of work) on a  in London. My residential address is 23333, east avenue, Upton Park, London E15 5PX ****
Oluwabisi Oke is my cousin currently a 2rd year  Medicine Student at the Ternopil State Medical University in Ukraine. Her passport number is A0******* and her date of birth is 14th September 1994.
I have planned for her to visit from the second week of December 2017 until the first week of January 2018 when she will return back to Ukraine to continue her studies. During her stay in UK, she will live with me at the aforementioned address and I will be responsible for her transport and general upkeep for the duration of her stay in the UK.
I have attached copies of my personal documents thus
** 6 months bank statements
** Resident permit
 ***Tenancy Agreeement
Pldease do  not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.
Yours faithfully,
Carmen Blandish
your email***
your phone number****
If you are using the services of an immigration lawyer, then ask them if they have a letter of invitation template they will prefer to use, if not, suggest to them to draft on for you.

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