UK Embassy Now Issues Same Day UK Visa to Nigerians




The British high commissioner, Mr Paul Arkwright announced that the UK embassy has introduced as special same day uk visa service for Nigerians, whereby applicants will be able to apply for their visa and receive it on the same day. This will incur an additional cost for this premium service.

While making a speech at the 40th Anniversary of the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, NBBC, held in Lagos on Monday  24th April 2017, he advised that Nigerians wishing to secure as UK visa will enjoy this express same day service,

For those that cannot afford the cost of the same day service, for a reduced amount, there is also a new turn around time of 5 Days to receive their visa after application.

All other visas will take up to 15 days.

He mentioned that UK welcomes Nigerians to their country to study and do business and invest in the economy. In 2016, out of 140, 000 Nigerians who applied for a student visa, 90% of them successfully received a study visa. and for all other visa types, 70% of those who applied received a visa.


3 thoughts on “UK Embassy Now Issues Same Day UK Visa to Nigerians

  1. I applied for 5yrs multiple visa sometimes last year precisely October, 2016 but was refused due to according to the clearance officer that I did not show prove of my circumstance in Nigeria, in other words, I did not submit evidence of my bank statement as to prove my income. 2. that I do not have right of appeal. I am ready to reapply with a letter explaining why I did not include bank statement in my first application, I’ve been visiting Uk since early 80’s and for the past 15yrs have been applying for 5yrs multiple visa without default. between 2014-2016 October, I did not travel due to my political engagements then I contested election, hence my reapplying. Yes, I did not attached my statement of account and did not travel within two years, that does not in my view, means that my circumstance was bad. I am reapplying again this time for 6 months multiple visa to visit my daughter who is a British citizen and had a baby in march and other family members in the UK, she have invited me with all required documents of hers. I have assembled all documents of my good-self including my statement of account. I wasn’t aware of the review process, I would have taken that advantage. consequently what are my chances and what do I need to know before payment and submitting my application. Thank You.

  2. Hello,
    I Have a valid UK visa which expires on on 24/05/2018. My passport has expired but renewed.
    Can I travel with this visa to the UK and present the two passport at the port of entry.


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