Best Way To Know If Your UK Visa Has Been Approved

A lot of UK visa applicants are eager to find out if their application has been successful, hence they go about browsing the internet trying to find out how to know if their UK visa has been approved or rejected.

But is there any such way?

Some say you will receive an email or SMS

Some say you can log into your VFS or TLS account to find out.

Some say you need to check your mail reference to see if it contains UKV1000 which shows that you visa has been successful.


The truth of the matter is that there is no one way to find out as applications are made from different countries, either online, or via VFS Global or TLS contact. has not specified any universal way of finding out if a UK visa has been approved. The best you could get  will probably be a UK visa decision email that tells you that a decision has been reached, and that your passport is ready for pick up.


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How To Know If Uk visa Is Approved

The best way to find out if your UK visa has been successful is to wait for your application to comeback either by post, or visit the visa application center to pick it it or via your legal representative.

Then gently tear off the envelop and flip the pages of your passport to find our if you have been lucky enough  to get the visa.

If your visa has been approved, you will see a visa attached to one of the pages, if it has been refused, you will get a separate piece of paper advising you exactly why your application was refused.

But I Received a UK Visa decision email

As mentioned above, you will most likely receive a UK visa email notification that tells you that the immigration office has received your application, and your application has been assessed and a decision has been reached.

A lot of people confuse where it says “a decision has been reached” to mean that their visa has been approved.

The “decision” in the UK Visa decision email will be known when you open your passport and check whether there is a visa attached or their is a refusal letter.

Beware of any agent that tells you to pay some money for them to help you check to see if you application was approved in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.


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