Genuine Visa Agents In Nigeria – The Whole Truth

It is true that filling and submitting a visa application form from Nigeria can be a very daunting task for most visa applicants and hence they go about looking for a genuine visa agent in Nigeria.


Because most people have no idea what to do when it comes visa application, to stand a chance of getting their visa, they indeed need a reliable  expert immigration lawyer to help.

The million dollar question remains…


Who is a reliable visa agent in Nigeria and how can you find one


Due to the harsh economy, a lot of Nigerians that have no clue what they are doing and looking for the fastest way to exploit would be visa applicants are now advertising on the internet or on posters every where as a genuine visa agent in Nigeria…or on nairaland

Every tom dick and harry is now an immigration law expert.

But wait, how can you tell a genuine visa agent from a fake?

It is really difficult to do so as there are many factors one needs to look at especially in Nigeria and let me tell you, it is not all about whether or not they have got their IATA license.

Why do I say so?


Well because someone might have a travel agency with  registered  IATA license and all they really can offer you in  terms of help in getting your visa, is to help you fill the form…a process which they will drag like they are doing something really special for you to help justify why they are charging you so much for their services when this is really something you can do yourself.

On the other hand, you might have someone who says he is an agent because he has an inside contact at the embassy that can actually guarantee you a visa for the fee you are paying.

Finding a genuine visa agent  is a subject which a would be applicant should thread carefully in his search for visa processing agencies in Nigeria.



Whether you are looking for visa consultant in Nigeria thus:

  •  canadian visa agents in Nigeria
  • an Australian immigration agent  in Nigeria
  • UK visa agents in Lagos
  • UK visa agents inNigeria
  • Schengen Visa agents in Nigeria
  • Visa agents in Abuja
  • Travel agents in Port harcourt
  • dubai visa agents in Nigeria
  • immigration consultants in Nigeria
  • Qatar visa agents in Nigeria
  • dubai working visa agents in nigeria
  • dubai working visa agents in nigeria

My advise to you is to first of all

  1. go through the website of the embassy of the country you intend to visit and read through the requirements that they have asked for. There is no need to feel anxious about this process…the agent will only be helping you do what you can do by your self.
  2. Print out several copies of the form and fill them out correctly
  3. Give someone in your family to help you crosscheck with fresh eyes so that they will help spot any possible mistakes you might have made
  4. put together your documents as per the requirements. These should be fairly easy to get. While you are at it, make sure THEY ARE 100% GENUINE DOCUMENTS
  5. Book an appointment to submit your application
  6. Go and submit your application and do your Biometrics.( haha …some applicants even think that the visa experts will be able to do  the biometrics for them).
  7. Wait for your visa to arrive
  8. Good luck


Fair enough, some people might still need the services of a visa agent.

No problem,

If you find the process very cumbersome and would prefer the services of an agent, then make sure you go for an immigration lawyer that has a track record you can trust.

Better still, go for one that has a contact at the embassy that will be able to 100% grant you a visa.

Note that those with contacts can sometimes command up to N1,000,000 for their services depending on the country visa your are applying for. If you are a business person who needs this visa for a business transactions, I will say go for it as this will be money well spent.


As time goes on, I will update this page with the details of any sure bet visa experts , that does visa services uk….  that will be able  to guarantee you a visa for the said price.




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  1. OMG i found your write up and advice interesting and encouraging, actually i came this site in search of visa agent, i want to travel to Canada. Maybe i should follow your instructions. Thanks.

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